Repair & glass replacement for iPhone,iPad and iPod touch in the area of Harajuku,Meiji-Jingumae,Omotesando,Shibuya and Kita Sando
  • iPhone Doctor Harajuku・Meiji-Jingumae
  • iPhone Doctor Harajuku・Meiji-Jingumae
  • iPhone Doctor Harajuku・Meiji-Jingumae

iPhone Doctor Meiji-Jingumae(Harajuku)

Working time:Starting 11:00AM to 20:00PM

We can provide good repair service for iPhone・iPad・iPod touch

  • We can sepport our repair service without back up of data on your device.
  • Your device would be available for use in 15 to 45 minutes.
  • You do not have to pay any of repair fee if you device can not fixed.

For the repair of crack of glass, down position for home button,no display of plasma,unable for touch operation,dropped in the water,drenched etc.

Waiting for your call.

FREE Dial 0120-956-494

Location/Address:6-28-9 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo Tobu-Building 6F(Regus office Harajuku)
(For your information,1F is Under Armur,adjacent of ASOKO)
Service Available:11:00〜20:00(Monday to Friday) 12:00~20:00(Saturday & Sunday)
Close Date: No Periodical

iPhone Doctor Harajyuku

Repair Fee is including Consumer Tax

Credit card is avairable




Contents Model Repair Fee
Plasma Display Replacement 5 7,340円
5s,5c,SE 8,420円
6 8,420円
6Plus 10,580円
6s 11,660円
6sPlus 13,820円
7 17,060円

Fix the camera

No boost for battery

Battery Replacement

Speaker Replacement

Headphone Jack Replacement

Home Button Replacement

5 5,180円
5s,5c 6,260円
6 7,340円
6Plus 7,340円
6s 7,340円
6sPlus 7,340円

iPod iPad

iPod Touch4 Repair Glass/Plasma Repair 8.640
(Deposit, Payoff on next date)
iPod Touch5 Repair Glass/Plasma Repair 12.960
(Deposit, Payoff on next date)
iPad Repair Glass/Plasma Repair iPad2,3,4 Glass12.960
iPad2,3,4 Liquid Crystal15.120
iPad air Glass15.120
iPad air Liquid Crystal17.280

(Deposit, Payoff on next date)

FREE Dial 0120-956-494


In case of Glass / Display is broken

iPhone6sWhen in case of operating iPhone on riding on the bicycle ,trying to pick it from pocket and dropped to toilet basin.
That is frequent case of braking glass as well as display.

In any case of Display & Glass is broken, there are no problems to use touch panel.
We sometime have a chance to see who is operating such damaged iPhone.

To protect this case, you had better seal protect sheet before such troubles.
Is not recommend to seal after troubles.
And you can understand that Glass broken is getting serious to be like spider web.
Sometime you may injure your finger.

Some of client has wrapped kitchen Wrap Film.
Better to fix it as soon as possible.


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